WP 4


Lead beneficiary CNRS

Objectives: to validate the strategy including instrumentation, contrast agents and to prove the potential feasibility on big animal.

  1. Description of work: all the tasks will be realize in Bordeaux on the new platform.
  2. Task 4.1: realize a DNP enhanced spectrum. The measurement will be achieved on the first instrumental kernel on a fantom which contains a developed contrast agent (CNRS Bordeaux)
  3. Task 4.2: validate the imaging capability on the instrumental platform (earth field or ultra-low field) (PD) The first images will be achieved on fantoms and on a healthy small animal model. The main goal will be to evaluate the sensitivity and the spatial resolution reached by the instrumental development.(CNRS Bordeaux, FH, PD)
  4. Task 4.3: detect and follow up an enzymatic reaction with the new MRI platform and the developed contrast agents. The enzymatic reaction kinetic will be followed in vitro on a fantom containing enzyme and one of the developed agent. (CNRS Bordeaux and Marseille, UM, UT)
  5. Task 4.4: map an enzymatic reaction with the help of the developed platform and contrast agent. Given the project constraints (limited time duration, financial support), measurements on big animal will not be achieved. The validation will be done on healthy and pathological mouse model. A biological model already tested at higher field on mouse will be chosen (for example neutrophile elastase in the lung). The measurement, improvement and interpretation will be achieved in Bordeaux (CNRS, UM, UT).
  6. Task 4.5: demonstrate the DNP potential feasibility on big animal. The measurement will be achieved on a phantom which mimics the human body (loading ring with salt water). The experiment will demonstrate the compatibility of the strategy to further big animal investigation, the capability to obtain OMRI phenomenon on big volume, the absence of warming (Specific absorption rate). It will be possible to evaluate the final image spatial resolution. (all partners)
Instrumentation building and intégration
Design and testing of enzme responsive a/o vectorized contest agents
Demonstrator validation
Dissemination Communication Training