WP 2


Lead beneficiary FH

Objectives: to develop theoretical tools useful to the project (MRI instrumentation, Dynamic and magnetic prepolarization) and to build and integrate the new instrumental prototype

  1. Description of work
  2. Task 2.1: make the theoretical developments and simulations. : calculate the EPR spectral transition which can be used for contrast switch in earth field OMRI and define the DNP unit configuration (coil, RF power amplifier, energy deposition estimation) (CNRS Bordeaux); define the magnetic prepolarization unit configuration (coil, switch velocity, cooling, grounding) (ST); define the earth field MRI gradient system characteristics (coil design, needed power supply, cooling, shielding) (FH); define the low frequency transmit/receive channel (coil design, transmit, receive switch)( FH); define the most relevant acquisition sequences and protocols adapted to prepolarization MRI (FH, CNRS Bordeaux)
  3. Task 2.2: build a first kernel of an earth field MRI device (FH, PD). The system with a bore size of about 10 cm internal diameter must be able to support dynamic and magnetic prepolarization unit. Once completed, it will be transported to the Bordeaux platform.
  4. Task 2.3: build the final system components and integrate into the kernel to complete whole body instrumental plate-form. The final dynamic polarization unit will be provided and integrated (CNRS Bordeaux). The final magnetic prepolarization unit will be provided and integrated (ST) The final gradient system (Coil, amplifier,) and low frequency transmit receive channel (coil, amplifier, switch) will be built and integrated (FH). The gradient system must integrate its own mechanical structure to support the gradient system. The final sequencer to pilot the system will be provided and integrated (PD). At the end of the integration step, the system tests will be achieved (CNRS Bordeaux).
  5. Task 2.4: implement, tune and test the acquisition sequence (CNRS Bordeaux and FH)
Instrumentation building and intégration
Design and testing of enzme responsive a/o vectorized contest agents
Demonstrator validation
Dissemination Communication Training