Stelar S.r.l. was established in 1984 in Italy with the objective of offering new accessories, equipment and services for NMR research. For many years Stelar has been one of the few companies manufacturing NMR Low Resolution spectrometers, NMR software as well as upgrading system and data stations for Bruker and Varian high resolution NMR spectrometers. This successful activity has allowed Stelar to acquire important knowledge and a well-deserved reputation in the NMR community. Beginning in 1994 Stelar started several R&D projects aimed at the development of advanced instrumentation for a novel NMR measuring technique, called Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometry. This challenging development has been very successful, with the first commercial FFC-NMR instrument, called “Spinmaster FFC”, introduced to the market in the 1997. Stelar has always based their developments on a sustainable, coherent mix of research, production and marketing capabilities that assure leadership in technical solution developments.